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Quattroporte - the modular power supply

UNO, DUE, MAX series

Energy storage for private, commercial and retrofitting

Modular power supply with the Quattroporte series from E3/DC

The Quattroporte-series devices are intended for flexible storage and self-consumption of self-produced electricity from PV systems and other energy sources. Due to the use of the Quattroporte series in an AC-controlled operation, the requirements for storing energy is the presence of grid-compatible alternating current. In the example of photovoltaic systems, this will be managed via an existing PV inverter. This makes the Quattroporte series especially suitable for the retrofit of existing PV systems.

The battery inverter, integrated within the AC current storage, converts the grid-compatible alternating current into direct current, which then can be stored in the batteries. If the battery is used for domestic consumption, the direct current is converted back to alternating current and distributed in the house as required.

The construction of the Quattroporte series is modular and can be adapted individually to your needs, whether as a private or a commercial customer. In every performance class and with every capacity.

The case has to be set up vertically and contains of four slots for compartments in which the individual modules of the Quattroport can be inserted next to each other and one above the other.


Battery modules of 6.5kWh per module are available with a maximum usable capacity in a single Quattroport case of 26kWh (4x modules). These cases can be combined as a complete system up to 78kWh (12x modules). Other systems can be expanded as required in energy farming.

All battery modules have an efficiency of up to 98% and have the latest lithium-ion battery technology. All systems can be retrofitted for an indefinite period, have no cycle limitation* and extremely low self-consumption (17 years in sleep mode until the battery is discharged).


The power to the grid is generated by individual battery inverter modules (2.0kW power). Up to 3 inverters (6,0kW power) can be generated in one Quattroport and up to 9 inverters (18.0kW power) in the Quattroporte system, one or two phases. More power can be expanded upon request within an energy farming.

Energy management

The connector module is the communication interface of the Quattroporte series through which the entire energy management takes place. The E3 / DC world is open, e.g. the use of the Wallbox, home automation and the complete portal world. The individual components of the Quattroport are connected via the connector module. There are four battery connections and three battery inverter connections. Through the Internet you can control the Quattroporte and the power generation. The external solar inverters are measured as well as the household consumption / commercial consumption.

Emergency power supply

The Quattroporte series supplies power in the event of a power failure at the battery inverter, in a separate mains connection, up to the power of the battery and until the battery is discharged. This means that there is an emergency power supply for selected consuming devices (one, two or three phases).

*Within warranty

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The modular energy supply for existing PV/CHP-systems and new AC-applications of every performance class.

  • 1-, 2-, 3-phase
  • modular stackable power and capacity
  • without limitations expandable
  • complete energy management (compatible to E3/DC-options)
  • emergency power supply
Unlimited energy storing
Completely modular
Expandable at any time