Modular and flexible: The Quattroporte series

In some cases, two steps are required before independence is achieved: with the Quattroporte series, E3/DC has brought an upgrade solution for existing PV systems onto the market. The modularly expandable storage system has its own energy management system.

The solutionfor existing PV systems and for larger commercial systems
Flexible and individualBattery sizes can be selected modularly, from 2.2 till over 200 kWh
Unlimited expansion possibilitiesNo time limit on upgrades

Compatible with the PV Inverter

A solution with two components

Unlike an All In One home power station, the Quattroporte requires a solar inverter** for a PV system or an AC power generator to already be installed. Therefore, in principle, this storage system is suitable for any existing PV system, which the operator would like to use to produce considerably more energy himself, ranging from a small private installation with only a few kW of output to large generators on commercial roofs.

The Quattroporte is installed between the solar inverter and the home grid, as an AC system. The integrated battery inverter converts the grid-compatible current into battery-compliant direct current. During controlled discharge, the current is converted once again, and distributed to household consumers via the energy management system.

**Important information:
In older PV systems, the inverter may be nearing the end of its service life, while the module field will continue to provide power reliably for many years. In the event of an upgrade, it is therefore definitely worth considering a home power station as an All In One storage solution – because the new inverter is part of the deal!

A fitting storage solution for every need

The application has an enormous range

To enable the installation of an efficient storage system for an existing plant of any size, the Quattroporte is available in the smallest versions (UNO), with capacities of 2.9 kWh and 5.8 kWh (usable), and in the larger versions (DUE and MAX), which have a modular structure, made up of 5.8 kWh (usable) battery modules. The slim, vertically positioned DUE housing has sufficient space for between one and four modules, resulting in a maximum usable capacity of 23.4 kWh. For larger applications, two to three Quattroporte MAX XXL units can be combined to form a system, with a usable capacity of up to 46.8 kWh or 70.2 kWh.

In energy farming, any desired higher level of storage capacity can be realised till over 200 kWh. With up to three battery inverters (with a capacity of 1.5 kW each), a maximum charge/discharge capacity of 4.5 kW is achieved per Quattroporte housing. In a system network with up to nine inverters, the maximum capacity is 13.5 kW.

Future-proof through unlimited upgrade possibilities

Intelligent self-management of energy

The Quattroporte systems can be retrofitted for an unlimited period, and there is no limit to the number of cycles within the 10-year warranty period. In the Quattroporte series, the connector module, which links all the battery modules, ensures efficient energy management.

Via this interface, the storage also controls the E3/DC-Wallbox and communicates with the home automation system and the energy portal. As an intelligent upgrade storage, the Quattroporte is therefore compatible with all commercially available inverters.

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AC storage system for upgrades and commercial use

The modular Quattroporte series is our AC storage solution for existing PV systems and major commercial applications.

Compatible with all inverters

Thanks to its independent energy management capabilities, the Quattroporte system can be used with all commercially available solar inverters.

A usable system capacity of between 2.9 kWh and 70.2 kWh

With modular configurability that can be expanded at any time, the usable capacity begins at 2.9 kWh and can extend to a maximum of 70.2 kWh within the system.