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E3/DC starts sales in other EU countries

E3/DC starts sales in other EU countries

Germany and Switzerland are focus market for E3/DC

Osnabrück. E3/DC has certified the "All In One" storage products for most of the european countries.

Grid compliance is given for the following countries:



FranceUTE C 15-712-1

Germany and switzerland are still focus market for E3/DC. The demand from other countries is getting stronger. Countries like poland, austria and spain are used to 3 phase grids (400V) and E3/DC products provide best price/performance ratio.

Studys as the EuPD European PV Storage Market prove, that germany has brought up to 9500 energy storage systems to customer in 2014 and for 2015 the market prognosis is 12500 systems. Last year a few hundret storage systems have been installed in switzerland and austria. Spain and France are used to PV home systems and countries like Denmark are leading in electric mobility, therefore residential customers are demanding for the german model for self consumption, a.o. driven by heat pumps and electric mobility. In addition, prefabricated house builders from germany are delivering their products into france and spain, where the milder winter and the higher solar yield allow the usage of aircons powered by photovoltaics and storage.


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