Faith is great – Emergency power is better

E3/DC’s home power plants offer real emergency power supply and, if desired, even the temporary switch to island operation independent of the power grid. Although the power grid in Germany is considered to be very stable overall, this point is particularly important to many E3/DC customers so that they are not suddenly left in the dark in the event of an emergency.

Fully prepared with the emergency power function

Back to a full power supply within seconds

An average downtime of around 15 minutes a year does not sound particularly worrying, but such interruptions usually come unexpectedly, and possibly at an inopportune moment. And besides, every statistic has its snags, and the average value is of little help to those who are affected by a regional power failure that goes on for hours or even days. Storms, grid overload, but also maintenance work can result in power failures. Therefore, it is good that you can always rely on a backup power supply from the E3/DC home power station, which automatically switches to emergency power operation within a few seconds, as soon as it registers a power failure.

Your home power station is ready and waiting

Battery and sun deliver energy

During a power failure, the battery can provide a maximum of up to 6 kW for the S10 X COMPACT, 11 kW for the S10 X and up to 9 kW for the S10 E PRO. If the E3/DC inverter kicks in while the emergency power is in operation, due to the PV system producing power, the output power can be increased to 12 kW. As soon as the fault has been resolved, the S10 switches back to normal operation.

One advantage of the E3/DC’s unique technology is that no additional switch boxes or switching units are required for emergency power operation. For the three-phase backup power in the S10 X, S10 X COMPACT or the S10 E PRO, only a motor switch is required, subject to an additional cost. It is installed in the factory, according to the order, or it can be fitted later.

Solar recharging in emergency power mode

Energy for the entire home grid

The S10 X, S10 X COMPACT and S10 E PRO home power stations automatically establish their own grid in the event of a power failure, by means of the unique TriLINK® technology. Thereby, within a few seconds, they provide the entire house with power from the battery, in three phases. When the sun shines during the day, a maximum of 12 kW of PV power is also available as backup power. In the meantime, solar recharging of the storage is also possible. With the three-phase backup power, the entire house can be supplied with a reliable power reserve until the grid is up and running again.