Energy portal

When you purchase a storage system from E3/DC, you gain access to your personal energy portal. This allows you to control and monitor your home power plant independently of your location and at no additional cost – it is your “virtual power plant control centre”.

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Remote control of the power storages, via the energy portal

With the purchase of a photovoltaic battery from E3/DC, you also gain access to your own personal energy portal, with which you can control and manage your home power station, regardless of your current location and without incurring any additional expenses – a second “virtual” power station, so to speak.

The energy portal is available as a classical web application, or as an app for mobile devices. This enables you to access your system from anywhere and with any kind of device.

The current information in regards to your generation capacity, electricity consumption and production history, the charge status and capacity of your storages, and much more, is displayed on the energy portal, in the form of comprehensible diagrams and curves.

Besides merely monitoring the energy flows in your power storage, you can also control your home power station intelligently: the smart functions allow you to define charging and discharging times for your home power station, optimise efficiency and use of energy-saving functions and weather forecasts, to make your device even more efficient.
A Wallbox (E3/DC vehicle charger), which is connected to a home power station, can charge any e-vehicle that is plugged in via a remote charging function, when desired, and even with exclusively self-generated electricity.
Home automation systems can be integrated to enable users to control appliances, such as washing machines, blinds, electric lighting and heating and alarm systems, conveniently, independently of your location.

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Remote-controlled energy storage

As a technology company and manufacturer of inverters, E3/DC uses the unique TriLINK® technology to continuously develop enhancements for its customers and update existing functions, so that the efficiency of the systems increases constantly.

E3/DC has the software technology and IT infrastructure to update managed storage systems on a regular basis, in compliance with the strictest security standards, by means of remote maintenance.

This free service does not only secure the warranty claims on all the components of the energy storage, but also leads to a retention of value of the systems, over their entire service life.

Data is safely transmitted with encrypted HTTPS connections, similar to those used by banks. In cooperation with TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH, the protection of your private data is ensured.
The connection for remote maintenance is secured via a remote maintenance server and is safeguarded by TLS (an encryption protocol for secure transmission on the internet). This technology is also used for online banking.