Team players in the area of Home Automation

Communication is everything: Of course, the energy management of the home power plant also supports home automation. Solar generation and battery storage are intelligently integrated into the automatic control of electrical devices and systems – learn more about the modern smart home.

Support of home automation programmes

Energy for controlled appliances

A home automation system controls systems such as lighting and blinds, heating – especially heat pumps – and air conditioning, security technology, and also household appliances with high energy requirements. Your home automation and home power station operate hand in hand: if you would like your living areas to be darkened with exterior roller blinds when the sun is shining brightly, your energy management will ensure that the sun uses its own energy to protect your home from too much solar radiation. And, in summer, even larger quantities of solar energy can be used to operate your air conditioners, in a direct and targeted manner. In the area of home automation, E3/DC’s systems support protocols such as KNX, Modbus TCP, the proprietary protocol RSCP (Remote Storage Control Protocol) and SG-Ready.

More comfort and more self-sufficiency

Activation when conditions are right

In many cases, the communication between the home power station and the home automation system can generate even greater potential for self-sufficiency than in a household without automatic switching options. On the one hand, the home power station uses its own energy to run the automatic processes, and many of these processes can be put into operation, even in the absence of the user, if the volume of the PV yield is appropriate or if storage capacity is available. Users do not have to play the weatherman, setting the activation time in advance! The energy management system itself ensures that the systems are activated at the right time. And, of course, remote control and monitoring of actuators is also possible via the customer portal or with the app.