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Product overview

Energy storage and Wallbox by E3/DC

Free yourself from rising energy costs

Lösung für dreiphasige Wechselrichter durch TriLINK-Technologie

More and more people want to produce, store and manage their own energy - we offer you with our high-quality products, decentralized solutions with the best performance.

Core product is - in addition to the Wallbox - the home power station S10 which has been produced since 2012. The device can be expanded within the DC-production, in the AC-storing and can be cascaded for larger houses and apartment buildings. The S10 is unique because it has the TriLINK® technology fully integrated, which E3/DC has developed as the first manufacturer. E3/DC is thereby able to offer cost-effective options of three-phase DC-technology storage systems, in series production. The PV-storing unit enables the usage of self-produced 24/7. The integrated production, the modular storage and the efficient energy management system, this device is a maximum compact, flexible and affordable solution compared to directly suitable systems of equal quality. The All In One Generation combines all operation modes (AC, DC or hybrid) and functions (emergency power, off-grid, Energy-farming) in only two types of devices. For the entire system and all including system components, such as the Battery or solar inverters, a period of ten years warranty is granted.

Energy storage systems by E3/DC

In this animated video you see in a simple way which prejudices you will have with an energy storage system by E3/DC. 

Stromspeicher S10 als Referenzbeispiel

S10 E home power station

100% energy management by the PV-S10 storage.

Stromspeicher für kleine PV-Anlagen

S10 MINI home power storage

with the S10 MINI, the sun will also shine at night

Zahlreiche Produktfeatures in PV-Speicher Sondermodell


more power and new features

more information
Solarstrom zum Tanken nutzen

Wallbox for electric vehicles

fill up your electric car with solar power

E3DC Quattroporte UNO, DUE, LINEA

Quattroporte - modular energy supply

Electricity storage for private, commercial and retrofitting

E3/DC Systemgarantie

Warranty & Customer Service

100% system warranty for up to 100% self suffiency.

E3/DC fleet of power plants

Germany Live

Weather forecasts, home automation, island operation – via remote control from anywhere.

For more information about our prices, please contact one of our trained and certified partners. Please contact us if you are interested in an offer, we will forward your request or designate a contact person in your area, so that an individual offer for you can be prepared.