Reliable System Technology, Guaranteed

E3/DC customers should be able to fully rely on the product of their choice. E3/DC is committed to this – far beyond all legal obligations. We provide the most comprehensive warranty possible for a solar storage system.

10-year system warranty

Full warranty on all components

Our 10-year system warranty applies to the batteries and all further components, including the solar inverter. The performance and product warranty ensures the full functionality of the All In One storage system over the entire period. And another thing that you will not find anywhere else: our high-quality battery modules are not subject to any cycle limits during the entire 10-year warranty period. In practical terms, this means that customers of E3/DC receive self-sufficiency with their home power station, at a fixed price. We will ensure a largely independent supply of electricity, heat and mobility for 10 years, without any additional costs, using our own maintenance specialists.

Always up to date

Best-in-class remote maintenance technology

We are able to offer our customers this high level of reliability, in addition to a very high level of product maturity and excellent quality, thanks to our best-in-class remote maintenance technology. As a result, in more than 80% of cases, our specialists can eliminate a fault without the need for on-site service, often via a phone call with the technical support. Also, the systems always remain at the cutting edge of new developments: the service provided by E3/DC includes free updates of functions, software and options – which are also available over a period of 10 years. Any defects in the hardware are repaired or components replaced free of charge, within the scope of the warranty.

Warranty declaration after installation

Only with certified technical partners

The highest level of reliability requires a great deal of attention: for E3/DC, storage systems must be installed by a certified partner company and connected to the internet for optimum remote maintenance. A permanent internet connection is not required, but it is advisable for optimum operation. Upon receipt of the declaration of initial operation, with photographic documentation by the installation partner, and the establishment of internet access, E3/DC can issue the warranty declaration, whereby they become responsible for the full functionality of the storage system over the entire warranty period. In short: Good service and a full-system warranty are a matter of faith – you can rely on E3/DC and our certified installation partners!