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The E3/DC Wallbox

Mobility for rethinker

The wallbox enables your E3/DC energy storage unit even more: The additional module is the power source generated by your solar production, free directly in to your E-vehicle.
The charger measures the charge power and knows the house consumption, so an exact prioritization is possible. It also communicates with the electric vehicle and reduces the charging current so that the vehicle battery takes up almost solely self-produced solar power.



The wall box is currently used to charge most type 2 capable electric vehicles and many plug-in hybrid vehicles.
We will inform you about your options under Tel. +49 (0)541 760268 0 or send an email to info@e3dc.com.

Download technical data sheet

Technical specifications

Ambient temperature (min.) -20°C (max.) +40°C
Humidity (non-condensing) (min.) 5% (max.) 95%
Height 361 mm  
Width 298 mm  
Depth (with wall bracket) 178 (208) mm  
Weight 11 kg  
Impact resistance (indoor installation, garage according to EN 61439-7) 07 IK  
Power supply 3 phase 400V 32A 50Hz  
Output voltage of 230 / 400 V  
Output current 16 / 32 A  
Charging power (max.) 22 kVA  
Charging sockets to IEC62196-2 Type 2  
Alternative charging socket Schuko 230V / 16A  
Features Heating 30W for the winder; Motion detection by PIR sensor  
Terminals (inside) 10mm  
Induced current measurement Power / Energy Type 2 socket  
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