“Fill” your car for free with the E3/DC-Wallbox

The home power station supplies the communication-enabled E3/DC-Wallbox with the available solar energy and charges your e-vehicle for free. The sun does not send you any refuelling bills!

The 24/7 roof-top filling stationDrive with solar power
Communicationwith the home power station
Charge at HomeAll vehicle types, up to 22 kW

Solar charging has priority

E-mobility offers high potential for saving and independence

In combination with the home power station, the Wallbox can charge precisely according to the user’s wishes: exclusively or primarily with solar power, or as quickly as possible also with mains power. At 22 kW, the maximum charging current provided by the Wallbox ensures rapid charging at home. However, if you only want to use your own electricity to charge your vehicle, the charging current is reduced to the PV power that is currently available.

Charging can be regulated in such a way that other direct consumption in the home and recharging of the battery do not go short. On the other hand, volumes of electricity in the storage, that are not needed for other purposes, thanks to the promise of a sunny day, can be used to charge your car. In terms of performance and capacity, the S10 E PRO home power station is even designed to recharge your car regularly overnight, from the battery, supported by the Wallbox. After all, not everyone has the option of simply hopping on a bicycle when the weather is fine.

Connections for all types of vehicles

A new product with familiar qualities

The introduction of the Wallbox easy connect in 2019 has significantly simplified installation and connectivity even further. All the essential technical features correspond to those of the original Wallbox, which is no longer available. Both versions are “made in Germany” and they make an intelligent contribution to a high degree of independence. The Wallbox can be mounted wherever it is most convenient, according to local conditions – on the wall or on its own stand, in the garage or under a carport.

Of course, there is virtually no restriction for E3/DC customers, when it comes to the choice of a vehicle, because the Wallbox can be used, ex-factory, to charge most Type 2 and Type 1-enabled electric vehicles, and many plug-in hybrid vehicles too. For vehicles with a Type 1 charging connection, a charging cable with a Type 1 plug (for the vehicle) and a Type 2 plug (for the Wallbox) should be used.

Wallbox easy connect

Output of up to 22 kW

The Wallbox easy connect charges Type 2 and Type 1-compatible electric vehicles and many plug-in hybrid vehicles, with an AC output of up to 22 kW.

Team players in the area of energy management

The E3/DC can be used to load solar power, either primarily or exclusively. To do so, the charging current is reduced to the available PV power.


Via software updates for the home power station, future models of electric vehicles will also be supported, according to the IEC 61851.