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About E3/DC

Welcome to the world of electrifying concepts


Experience power for your home

Energy storage systems for the automotive industry

The development of energy storage systems for the automotive industry is the origin of E3/DC.
Vehicle to grid technology was founded by E3/DC in 2010 using complete vehicles from Volkswagen.


Technologies for self defined Home Energy Management

The E3/DC GmbH is an inverter manufacturer and was a spinoff of Wilhelm Karmann GmbH from Osnabrück. The vision of E3/DC are sustainable new energy standards for domestic homes with maximum performance and quality. The established technologies, coming from automotive electronics, provide renewable energies in the context of mobility, but also for other areas within the daily life. The name E3/DC is a connection of our mission: E3 (saving/einsparend, renewable/erneuerbar, effective/effektiv) and DC (direct current).

Milestones and awards for the power plants by E3/DC

Proven quality of E3/DC

E3/DC has grown a network of >1.000 certified installers and nearly 22.000 installed storage systems in Germany (since 2012). They provide a sustainable quality and a regional coverage. More than 90 employees in three locations (Osnabrück, Wetter, Göttingen) are subject to rigorous quality and state of the art inverter control. The over 6.000 annually produced systems in Germany are in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards.

Shape your future

The development of E3/DC systems made an important contribution to the sustainable use of resources: Due to the storage and the use of solar energy itself provides maximum decentral and CO2 neutral independence from fossil fuels. This own power supply technology can bring you up to 100% renewable personal footprint. Our products offer innovative, pragmatic and reliable solutions and maximum flexibility in the future, by using state of the art connectivity and hardware interfaces – in mobility, heat technology and electrical home appliances.

Our vision

100% sustainable mobility

The core vision of E3/DC is the decentralized energy production within your house by using solar and CHP (Co-Generation) in order to achieve more production than consumption. By using electrical storage this production can cover a 24h power demand, day and night, day by day.

Our technological roots are from the automotive sector. Therefore, we always keep the topic "electric mobility" in mind and as an interface of our products. Our products can charge cars using self-produced energy. Our vision is to completely substitute the public grid and to make customers physically independent from grid and external supplies. 

Energy self-determined

You decide about your energy profile: The first step is solar generated power, using electrical storage and premium inverter technology. The result: real-grid independence (as an option), 70-100% reduction of electrical power from the grid, electric driving and electric heating.

Your benefits

  • Our sales is determined by quality, not by quantity
  • E3/DC has the target to integrate maximum performance in the smallest space and therefore to maximize the customer benefit. The systems are fully extendable for almost every hardware option and interfaces.
  • convincing quality and high-value guarantees by best service and best serious business practices, in combination with a high-quality partner network
  • E3/DC approves every customer installation and tracks the operation and functioning using back office and remote control services
  • the software technology of E3/DC allows complete smart home and web technology. Regular software updates protect your investment and keep your system up to date
  • Integration of electric vehicles: the E3/DC wallbox offers the opportunity to charge your self-produced electricity directly from the roof into your electric vehicle. All present electric and plug-in-hybrid’s are supported using type 2 mode 3 standards
  • convincing and leading technology: over 25 years of experience in high-quality and automotive battery technology and German engineered inverters maximize operating quality
  • All In One: The systems include the solar inverter, battery inverter and complete modular battery systems. This All-In-One concept makes the product more integrated, more efficient, affordable and easier to maintain, than individual components. The systems are completely maintenance-free, as well as the complete battery technology
  • highest efficiency using DC technology (charging without grid) solar rechargeable emergency power supply for the entire house, using the TriLINK® technology
  • first-class design and compact device dimensions (1x1m)

E3/DC partners

The E3/DC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hager Group, a leading provider of solutions and services for electrical installations in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
Its range of solutions and services extends from energy distribution to cable management and from security systems to building automation. As an independent family-owned and family-run company based in Blieskastel, Germany, Hager Group is one of the industry’s innovation leaders.11,400 employees generate sales of around 1.9 billion Euro. Components and solutions are produced at 25 locations around the globe and customers in 136 countries all over the world trust in them.

Automatisierungssystem, Hersteller und Plattformübergreifend

myGEKKO is a user friendly, cross-platform control and automation system. With myGEKKO you are able to use energy more efficiently, more economically and more flexibly. No matter if you are at home, at work or on the go.

DFH Deutsche Fertighaus Holding AG

The “deutsche Fertighaus”, Simmern / Hunsrück, is Germanys market leader in prefabricated wooden homes and our key partner for efficient house building technology. Four brands, OKAL, Massa, Einstein and Allkauf Haus complete the portfolio of “deutsche Fertighaus”. Each of them is pushing and advancing in future technologies, such as heat pumps, solar systems and storage technology.

COP technische Innovationen Erfahrung und Fortschritt

WATERKOTTE produces reference class heat pumps in Germany with a COP of 5.1. High quality and technical innovation are well known from WATERKOTTE for over 40 years. 

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