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The power to be your best

100% solar powered independency

Energy - self produced, stored and managed  - this new level of energy self-determination, provided by our home power plants using photovoltaic and CHP systems. Our systems provide maximum self-sufficiency and a self-sufficient life. Our goal is a 100% self-sufficient energy management. Innovation, extensive research and technologies make the future CO2 neutral. With nearly 9.000 installed home power plants since 2012, we enable our customers to use the own-produced solar power itself and to become independent of rising electricity costs.

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Our storage products and the E3/DC Wallbox

S10 MINI - The entry solution for small solar systems

The S10 MINI controls energy flows in your household and is therefore much more than just a solar battery storage. The unique, compact design with maximum power in the smallest space assures 100% independence in the future. During a blackout, the E3/DC battery storage can offer emergency power supply for the entire house. Our entry battery storage is designed for small solar systems (up 7,5kWp DC until 4.6kW AC until 1.5kW battery power, hybrid system: AC & DC) suitable.

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S10 E - The flexible 3ph battery storage for all photovoltaic systems

Based on the TriLINK® technology, E3/DC offers the S10 E with maximum performance and efficiency. A complete 3ph island supply up to several months (based on 3kW battery power) is enabled by the high continuous output power. The integrated emergency power supply is rechargeable and thereby enable your house to energy independency. In combination with heat pumps the battery storage offers highest annual autonomy levels and the highest PV power is achievable.

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Quattroporte - Modular power supply

The Quattroporte-series devices are intended for flexible storage and self-consumption of self-produced electricity from PV systems and other energy sources. Due to the use of the Quattroporte series in an AC-controlled operation, the requirements for storing energy is the presence of grid-compatible alternating current. In the example of photovoltaic systems, this will be managed via an existing PV inverter. This makes the Quattroporte series especially suitable for the retrofit of existing PV systems.

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Wallbox - Charge your electric vehicle for free

Use the solar power from your rooftop directly for charging your electric vehicle. The vehicle charger of E3/DC communicates with the electric vehicle (type 2, mode 3 charging) and adjusts the charging current for an exclusively electricity charging from your photovoltaic system. The wall box measures the charging power and knows the house consumption, so an exact prioritization can be managed. In addition, you can comfortably track with your mobile devices at home and on the road the charging progress. Join the world of solar chargers.

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E3/DC at the Energy Storage Europe 2017

Time is working for storage, Dr. Andreas Piepenbrink claims, as prices are getting cheaper and cheaper. Currently, the most interesting markets are the United States, although as a back-up market, Australia for residential applications, Italy and the UK in Europe.

Solar storage information for installers

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The brand E3/DC is one of the top brands for lithium storage devices for both installers and end users to store solar energy. Being the market leader for solar rechargeable 3ph home systems and one of the top brand, over 1000 certified partners are selling our systems as of now.

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