Manage your energy

All In OneUnique system technology from a single source
Energy managementFully networked and smart - solar power for everything
Emergency powerSafety in case of power failure and full independence from the energy supplier

Live independently – free of energy costs

Another dimension of independence

A PV system, together with the appropriate E3/DC home power station, is a secure investment for the future. Taking the step into generating your own energy pays off for the environment and for you, the customer. As an E3/DC customer, you simply do away with most of your current energy costs, because the energy you need for household, heat and mobility comes from your own roof. And you also become permanently independent of rising electricity prices, because the income from the feed-in tariff is higher than the purchase costs for the electricity you draw from the grid. To become self-sufficient all you need is a photovoltaic installation and a home power station!

The S10 home power station

Our S10 home power station: All In One for one and all

Our home power stations are specialists for a self supply. Our allrounder is the S10 X: this home power station sets standards in self-sufficiency for single-family homes. The S10 SE is ideal for smaller applications. With the most powerful home power station, the S10 E PRO, combined with a large PV installation, you can achieve the highest level of independence, because heat pumps and electric vehicles can also be run efficiently on this performance storage.

All In One means independence: from the integrated inverter, to the smart energy management, all the way to the powerful batteries, every home power station contains everything that can make you self-sufficient. There is only one point of contact and a warrantor for the entire system technology – E3/DC gives you a 10-year warranty – no ifs and buts!

For your e-vehicle

The E3/DC wallbox

The E3/DC-Wallbox is the interface between the E3/DC storage system and your electric vehicle. Because the home power station and the Wallbox communicate with one another, you put solar energy into your “tank”, so to speak and you can basically drive your car emission free.

The Wallbox ensures that you use the available solar power for charging, primarily, or even exclusively, if you desire. Solar e-mobility offers great potential for cost savings and independence, while temporally flexible charging increases the direct consumption of solar energy. Self-generated electricity has priority, but of course, you can also charge from the grid at any time, via the Wallbox.