Integrated Inverters

For other storage systems, the solar power comes from (any) inverter. With the E3/DC home power plant, the solar power comes directly from the roof: our solar inverter is integrated into the electricity storage system.

Power Electronics made by E3/DC

Solar generation is part of the system

The matching solar inverter is always contained in our All In One storage solutions, from the S10 SE and the S10 X, to the powerful home power station, the S10 E PRO; the inverter is the heart and soul of the power electronics for the entire solar self supply system. The inverters are developed and produced by E3/DC in Germany. And that is not all! In a way, the inverter technology represents the very core of the company, which was founded as a spin-off of the Osnabrück-based business, Wilhelm Karmann GmbH, in 2010.

Efficient DC coupling of the storage

First store, then invert

E3/DC developed the power storage system in the home power station for DC operation. The inverter, which is integrated into the home power station, only converts the solar energy supplied by the module field as direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) when power is required in the home grid or when surplus power needs to be fed into the grid.

For such an efficient storage concept, an inverter that precisely matches all other system components, is necessary. In combination with the integrated performance measurement, it can control all energy flows within the house optimally: generation, direct consumption, charging and discharging of the storage, activation of the heat pump and electric car, and finally, feeding into the grid.

Designed according to the customer’s requirements

A suitable solution every time

The integrated solar inverter is suitable for a PV output of up to 12.5 kW for the S10 SE. For the S10 X and S10 X COMPACT can a PV output of up to 18 kW be installed and the S10 E PRO up to 20 kW. Even higher with east-west orientation. Because heat pumps and electric cars are now becoming more and more of an integral part of the holistic concept of a self power supply, many users are considering exploiting a significantly larger or extended solar output. If, as a result, the size of the PV system exceeds the output range of the integrated inverter, E3/DC uses an additional solar inverter, which is identical in terms of output. It is installed in a separate housing, beside the home power station.

Extended solution for full sector coupling

Double the possible solar output

The additional solar inverter cannot be used independently of the home power station; it is purely an option for expansion. It is primarily designed for the S10 E PRO home power station, which also offers significantly higher performance in terms of charging and discharging the batteries. Both inverters work in tandem to provide a self power supply, which together can provide extremely high outputs of over 20 kW for direct consumption, in either stand-alone or backup mode. With the full power of a correspondingly large PV system, the combination of an integrated inverter and an additional inverter provides enough AC power to operate the maximum charging current of the E3/DC-Wallbox of 22 kW, for example, just with autonomously generated electricity!