The home power station S10 E

An independent power supply without any compromises: the S10 E home power station is the classic in the E3/DC product family – an intelligent All In One storage system for sector coupling of electricity, heat and mobility.

The originalfor an annual consumption of up to 7,500 kWh
Self-sufficiencycoupled with storage and energy management for comfort + heat or electric vehicles
Emergency power functionfor the entire house

The suitable storage for an annual consumption of up to 8,000 kWh

Standard for self-sufficiency

The S10 E home power station sets the standard for self-sufficiency in single-family homes. From the very beginning, it was designed as an All In One storage system with solar inverters, energy management and storage, and it has been constantly optimised. Users with an annual electricity consumption of up to approx. 8,000 kilowatt hours achieve maximum self-sufficiency with the S10 E home power station. It is suitable for photovoltaic outputs ranging from about 8 kilowatts up to 18 kilowatts.

The capacity of the batteries range from 6.5 to 18 kilowatt hours. The technology of the home power station is unique. Its outstanding features include the integrated energy management system for controlling all energy flows in the house and the backup power supply for the entire domestic grid.

Sector coupling creates independence

Active energy management

The S10 E provides its own energy for all applications. The energy management system ensures that all domestic consumption is covered by the PV system or the battery as much as possible. But this home power station can do much more than that! It automatically and selectively controls heat generators and the E3/DC-Wallbox, in order to use solar power for heat and mobility, and to optimise self-sufficiency values.

With heat pumps or electric vehicles in particular, it is possible to use a high proportion of the energy generated directly, thereby eliminating the need for fossil fuels. With the home power station and Wallbox, users have the option of charging their vehicle primarily or, if desired, exclusively, with solar power.

Dependability thanks to the system warranty

A genuine backup power supply

One very special feature is the S10 E’s emergency power function: the home power station automatically detects a power failure, disconnects itself from the grid entirely, and sets up its own stand-alone grid. The required motor switch is installed at the factory, on order. This enables the home power station to provide a three-phase backup power supply and provide the entire house with up to 4,5 kW of power from the battery, and with a maximum PV output of 12 kW during daylight hours. The battery can be recharged by solar energy while the backup power supply is in use. As soon as the mains supply is restored, the home power station switches back to normal operation.

For the S10, the full E3/DC system warranty applies for a period of 10 years. The device is remotely maintained, free of charge, and receives automatic software updates. It is possible to upgrade the battery capacity within one year of initial operation.

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Home power station with optional future-proofing: The S10 E INFINITY

Retrofitting within 5 years, if needed

The capacity of a photovoltaic storage system should perfectly match the requirements. But those requirements can change significantly if the user switches to electric heating or an electric car. The S10 E only allows you to expand its battery capacity within one year after installation.

The INFINITY concept gives you the option of expanding your capacity for a significantly longer period of time: If you choose an S10 E INFINITY, you automatically have the option of connecting three additional battery modules to the system within 5 years. This enables you to use much more of your own energy directly.

The INFINITY concept gives you more independence and security for the future. When the time is right, the device can be upgraded and equipped with more batteries on site. This option even applies regardless of the battery type. When the retrofitting work is carried out, the latest modules from E3/DC’s product range will be installed, and they will function perfectly together with the existing batteries.


S10 E home power station

For PV systems with a maximum output of 18 kWp

The integrated inverter in the S10 E home power station is designed for PV systems with a maximum output of 18 kWp.

Annual electricity consumption of up to 8.500 kWh

With the S10 E, a high degree of autonomy is achieved with sufficient power generation for a heat pump or an electric car, at an annual output of up to 8,500 kWh.

6,5 bis 18 kWh storage

The battery capacity in the S10 E is designed for sector coupling with heating or mobility systems. The capacity ranges from 6.5 to 18 kWh, and the S10 E INFINITY allows you to expand your capacity within a period of 5 years.