Home power station S10 SE

Full functionality for beginners: The combined home power station S10 SE with battery storage is recommended for users with an annual electricity requirement of up to approximately 5,000 kilowatt hours and for smaller PV systems from around 5 kilowatts to a maximum of 12 kilowatts of installed power.

The entry-level modelfor annual consumption of up to 5,000 kWh
Self-sufficiency at homeStorage and energy management for residential buildings
Cleverly combinedhybrid inverter with battery system

The suitable storage system for an annual consumption of up to 5,000 kWh

Entry into sector coupling

A compact solution doesn’t mean less independence: The S10 SE is a combined storage system with hybrid inverter, battery system and energy management from a single provider. The usable battery capacities range from 5.25 to 11.2 kilowatt hours, which is ideal for powering a single-family house, for example. Just like the larger models S10 X and S10 E PRO, the S10 SE home power station provides energy for all application purposes, i.e. it can also support small heat pumps and controls the E3/DC Wallbox to use solar power for heat and mobility and to optimise the proportion of self-sufficiency. However, the storage capacity and the discharge power of the battery modules are primarily designed for normal domestic power requirements.

Always up to date

Service and system warranty

E3/DC provides all services and the full system warranty for the S10 SE for a period of 10 years. The device receives remote maintenance and automatic software updates free of charge.

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S10 SE home power station

For PV systems with 5 to 12 kWp

The hybrid inverter in the S10 SE home power station is designed for smaller PV systems with outputs of up to a maximum of 12 kWp.

Up to 5,000 kWh annual electricity consumption

The S10 SE provides a high level of self-sufficiency for residential buildings with an annual consumption of up to 5,000 kWh.

8.25 to 11.2 kWh usable storage

The battery capacity of the S10 SE is designed for domestic requirements. Usable capacities from 5.25 to 11.2 kWh are available.