The most powerful home power station: S20 X PRO

The biggest home power station from E3/DC is designed for full sector coupling in large residential buildings and commercial properties. PV systems up to 45 kWp are suitable for the S20 X PRO; particularly large solutions for using your own current are possible in farming. PV systems up to 45 kWp are suitable for the S20 X PRO; particularly large solutions for using your own current are possible in farming.

INTEGRATED 30-KW POWER INVERTERFor maximum power – even when using backup power
MODULAR BATTERY CONCEPTCapacities of 20.6 to 123.6 kWh – can be easily retrofitted as required
SOLAR CHARGINGEven in apartment buildings and commercial settings

For projects with high power and electricity requirements

Our biggest home power station

The S20 X PRO is set to be launched in the spring of 2023. This home power station far exceeds the S10 E PRO series in terms of its features and performance values, but remains true to the All In One principle of our home power stations: the power inverter, the flexible and extensible battery system and the energy management system represent genuine system technology from a single source – but now with so far peerless dimensions and performance.

The newly developed 30-kW power inverter enables the use of PV systems up to 45 kWp and therefore annual yields of 40,000 kWh and more specifically for self-supply. The possible applications start with residential buildings with very large roofs and high electricity requirements due to heat pumps and electric cars. Above all, however, the S20 X PRO can be used to realise demanding projects in apartment buildings, districts and commercial properties. In these areas, the S20 X PRO succeeds the AC storage system Quattroporte, which will no longer be sold by E3/DC in the future.

One to four battery cabinets per home power station

Maximum capacity and charging capacity

The requirements of the customer project also determine the design of the storage system where the S20 X PRO is concerned. High power is a given. The storage capacity is decided on according to the load curve: is the amount of electricity needed at night high, too, or will vehicles mainly be charged during the day?

In the basic version with one battery cabinet, the S20 X PRO has a usable capacity of 20.6 kWh. With the maximum of four battery cabinets, a peak capacity of 123.6 kWh is achieved. These high volumes of energy can be very quickly used in various areas with discharge capacities of 23 to 30 kW. The INFINITY option enables the system to be extended without problems over a period of 5 years.

For particularly large applications, a controlled farming mode with multiple systems is also appropriate for the S20 X PRO. This multiplies the PV output to be incorporated and the available storage potential – something that is particularly interesting for buildings with numerous electric vehicle charging points.

Four MPP trackers for flexible layout

Can always be extended as needed

The S20 X PRO’s integrated power inverter is equipped with four independent MPP trackers. Depending on the design of the PV system, two or three MPP trackers can be used for generation, while one or two trackers are intended for the batteries. Using two MPP trackers for two battery sets offers the advantage that a backup power reserve is continuously ensured via the hardware. If only one battery tracker is active, the backup power reserve is set using the software.

If more capacity is desired after a longer period of operation, the INFINITY option can be exercised within five years: the existing battery set is combined via one MPP tracker and the new battery set is allocated to the MPP tracker that becomes free or was not previously used for batteries. If PV strings are previously allocated to MPP trackers, one of the trackers can be replaced with external power inverters.

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S20 X PRO home power station

Energy management for large buildings

The S20 X PRO enables very large PV systems to be integrated into the optimised use of your own electricity. Up to seven E3/DC Wallboxes can be intelligently controlled.

High power in daily use and when backup power is needed

Depending on configuration, the system offers a charging and discharge capacity of 25 to 30 kW even if only the battery storage system is available in the event of grid failure.

Usable capacity of 20.6 kWh to 123.6 kWh

The S20 X PRO can be equipped with up to four battery cabinets or extended to this size using the INFINITY option.