Good experiences with electricity storages

Experiences with electricity storages

When developing and manufacturing our home power stations, we rely on high-quality components and thoroughly tested in-house developments. Our products are exclusively “Made in Germany”, and they are subject to stringent quality controls. And that is not all – we also offer a unique 10-year system warranty on all the components of the home power station, which largely contributes to the superior level of customer satisfaction enjoyed by E3/DC. In an independent, private customer study, E3/DC achieved a recommendation value of 1.6 every year, for the past few years; the highest value achieved by any manufacturer of electricity storages in Germany.

Our reference systems

Come and see the quality and functionality of the E3/DC systems for yourself, “live”. Many of our partners will not only give you professional advice, they can also demonstrate the systems in their showrooms. You can follow current operational data from real reference installations online. On this page, you will find an interactive map with an overview of all of the home power stations that have been installed, together with their live data. And later, you can keep an eye on your own system, in exactly the same way!

Our customer experiences

What do E3/DC’s customers have to say about their practical experiences with our storage systems? Why did they decide to become self-sufficient, and what makes their projects so unique? Our references give a varied insight into practical experience. Read the references and customer testimonials selectively: use our free text search, and filter our references according to your needs. There are certainly examples that match your personal interests and desires.