Hager Group and its subsidiary Hager Energy are supporting the IMOCA Globe Series skipper Fabrice Amedeo on his journey to the next Vendée Globe in November 2024 under the banner of competition and low-carbon energy.

The partners share common values and the vision of making the world a cleaner and more enjoyable place. This new joint adventure officially started last September with the signing of the partnership between Hager Group, Hager Energy and Fabrice Amedeo at the Hager Group site in Obernai (Alsace).

Daniel Hager, Chief Executive Officer of Hager Group, is delighted with this partnership and the adventures to come: “We are pleased to work with Fabrice Amedeo, and his team in the IMOCA Globe Series sailing project heading to the Vendée Globe 2024, because we see in him not only a great sportsman, but also a credible ambassador for sustainable development.

Courage and the readiness to take on calculated risks are values that the Hager Group shares with Fabrice Amedeo. We are convinced we have much to learn from each other.”

Andreas Piepenbrink, Chief Executive Officer of Hager Energy says: “As an environmentally friendly sport that is driven by renewable energy, sailing is very relatable to Hager Energy, which operates in the arena of electric vehicle charging and the storage of renewable energy. Our brand E3/DC and his sailing project share the ambition to outperform the competition through constant innovation.”

A lifelong sailing enthusiast, Fabrice Amedeo made it his profession in 2017 after a career as a journalist for Le Figaro. The sailor completed his first solo transatlantic race in 2010, a feat for a non-professional sailor. This courage and determination speak to Hager Group and Hager Energy, who see in it common and authentic values.

Beyond the competition, Fabrice Amedeo has been committed since the beginning of his adventure to the preservation of the oceans and the planet, putting his boat at the service of science. Since 2019 his boat has been equipped with sensors measuring pollution and ocean warming. At each race, all the samples and data collected are sent to scientific institutes for analysis. Committed and educational, the French skipper takes to heart the education of future generations for the environmental cause.

“Our project aims to contribute to the energy transition by doing away with fossil fuels on board, so I am overjoyed that a major stakeholder in the energy transition has chosen to join me in this global venture and gives me the means and potential to further this course of action.”, says an enthusiastic Amedeo.

From left to right: Daniel Hager, Hager Group CEO – Fabrice Amedeo, Skipper – Andreas Piepenbrink, Hager Energy CEO.